The Undiscoverd Wine Event at Waters Edge Winery & Bistro

9/7/2023 - 9/25/2023


Introducing The Undiscovered Wine Series at Waters Edge Winery & Bistro Kalispell. Waters Edge Winery & Bistro has partnered with a specialty global wine importer to bring you something truly unique – Wines of the World that are virtually undiscovered yet incredibly remarkable. So remarkable that rather than produce it ourselves, we have had the wine produced at the Native Vineyard to ensure a product that is pure and preserved to it’s native status. To launch the series we are showcasing ARMENIA. Armenia is located south of the great Caucasus mountain range, a transcontinental land locked country located in between Europe & Asia with influences from Europe, Asia & the Mediterranean. Armenia is not well known for wine production as it was absorbed into the Soviet Union in 1921, ensuring that the identity of many Armenian varieties were obscured and eventually forgotten. Due to the Soviet demand for brandy, fermented fruit juice gained anonymity, and many vineyards were replanted to maximize yields. Fortunately, when the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991, Armenia regained its independence and thanks to unpublished long-term contracts with villagers, the survival of these pre-phylloxera (and in some cases, pre-Soviet) plantings were preserved. Even more interesting is the fact that archeological digs near these vineyards have uncovered artifacts that suggest these grapes we have brought to you, were used for wine making in prehistoric days. There is also much evidence, both historical and Biblical (Genesis 9:20) suggesting that these very grapes were brought to Armenia by Noah on the ark; thus, the first vineyard in the new world. Waters Edge Winery & Bistro has brought them to you – exclusively. These wines will not be found anywhere else in the country, are limited to a one time lot of 80 cases each and will be the only ones of these varietals available. The wines we have brought for you to enjoy come from two south facing plots in the Villages of Vayots Dzor – Aghavnadzor and Khachik. A red & a white – each pure without blending. Read on to learn about the varietals. 


ARENI – RED Likely due to the mountainous climate and exposure to UV light, Areni is a thick-skinned variety that grows in tight bunches. Fermented in stainless steel to accentuate Areni’s bright red fruit character and floral aromas. Moderate tannins, elevated acidity, and flavors of pomegranate and ground sumac make this versatile red a perfect pairing for charcuterie, tomato-based sauces, lamb, or grilled root vegetables. VOSKEHAT - WHITE Voskehat (pronounced Vos-ka-hot) is Armenia’s most well-known variety. Capable of high levels of ripeness, Voskehat was widely utilized during the Soviet era to produce sherry-styled fortified wines known as kherez and served as a base for brandy. Now, with the Armenian wine renaissance in full swing, Voskehat is harvested at peak phenolic character in order to accentuate the berries’ natural texture. Fermentation is done exclusively in stainless steel to preserve acidity. Heady aromas of peach blossom and apricot lead into alpine herbs and marzipan. Enjoy alongside salmon, olives & truffles. Now, to experience these wines to their maximum potential we have prepared a formal dinner pairing with traditional Armenian dishes. What makes this event even more special is our Importer Scott Roughgarden will be joining us a Master Story Teller while you dine. Scott will go into great detail about each wine, the history of Armenia, the Vineyards where he stood with the growers and handled the grapes, the folk-lore, the passion that went into this wine, how it has survived history and made it into your wine glass… A little about Scott… Scott is a seasoned vet in business development. He is a founding partner of Honey Bubbles wine which has attained national distribution in a very short time. In addition to having many years in the wine business, Scott is a serial entrepreneur. Scotts experience included launching a multi-million dollar sales and marketing campaign for Davidoff and managing a staff of over 150 promotional representatives nationally. He has worked with major brands such as Red Bull, and Heineken, where he launched and implemented the Heineken Beats Campaign. Scott now works with The Grape Juice Group, traveling the world to find those rare gems, traveling the US to find the local wineries that are the perfect fit to tell their story. Waters Edge Winery & Bistro is the American home for Armenian Wine. Enjoy this exclusive event. Tickets are limited. Groups of fewer than 4 may be seated at the same table. Wine Club Members receive preferred pricing and seating. Gratuity for food service included in total ticket price at check out. 1st Course Voskehat White: Smoked Trout Crema over pesto genovese ~ toasted baguette ~ pickled onion ~ garlic truffle olives 2nd Course Areni Red: Pork Tenderloin, Lamb & Beef Lyulya ~ whipped feta hummus stuffed grape leaves ~ Lavash & Tzatziki 3rd Course Choice Wine: Baklava

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9/7/2023 - 9/25/2023

5:30pm - 8pm

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