Trailhead Manager for Swan Mountain Outfitters at Salmon Forks Location

Swan Mountain Outfitters recently acquired Salmon Forks Outfitters and is need of a Trailhead or Corral Manager for the 2018 operating season. This job would take place at the Meadow Creek Trailhead on the Northern entrance into The Bob Marshall Wilderness. The job would entail extensive horseback skills including but not limited to herd management, herd rotation, doctoring horses and mules, logistic skills, customer service skills, management skills, tack maintenance and care. The individual must be capable of driving trucks and gooseneck trailers, hauling hay, packing mules and must not mind the solitude of working alone for days at a time. The salary would be between $2000-3000 per month and includes room and board. The individual can expect to work 5-6 days per week. The start and end dates would be around June 15th -Oct 31st. For more information or to submit a resume please email Patrick Tabor at pmt2@swanmountainoutfitters.com

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